It’s all a Balancing Act ~ NOT!

Do you ever feel like the hamster is on the wheel with you?
Even worse ~ he’s the one spinning the wheel faster than you can catch up?  Legs flying everywhere just to stay on so you don’t look more foolish when you fly off full speed and go SPLAT! all over the wall?

Most of you have felt this way…

at least a 1,000 times or so.  Haha!

And when you tell your friend about how exhausted you are, she says “Oh, I know” but all you can see is her perfectly put togetherness after yoga with dinner in the crock pot, bows laid out and ready for the kids hair in the morning and her cozy armchair calling her to come curl up with a juicy bestseller when she “settles down”.

Meantime, what she does NOT know is how the day before your bestseller ended up in a lunchbox (now juicy, literally), hair bows were heating up in oven and who the HELL has time for yoga, for f**k-sake?

True story!

J-U-S-T    B-R-E-A-T-H-E!

Because the LAST THING you will hear from me is “you need to find balance in your life” (said with a high pitched cutesy voice that makes you want to shove pencils in your eye sockets)

But, I am here to tell you this…
>>…and I expect you will initially disagree with me, but humor me by continuing on…<<

You DO have “a choice”

A choice to look at your life and either EMBRACE it for all it’s glory (and guts)

~ or ~

Remain on the self-judging hamster wheel, comparing yourself and continuing to feel like you’re one up against the world.  And down by 30 at the half.

Sure it’s normal to have times where you can hardly keep your head above water ~ and sure you could probably look at what caused you to be so stressed out in the first place.

>>Just for shits and giggles, I have to ask…

  • Did you over-commit to something?
  • Did you procrastinate on something?
  • Did you refuse any help?  Or perhaps never asked for it?

If you answered YES to any one of these, you are in a VALUES CONFLICT with none other than yourself and have caused a serious breach to your BOUNDARIES and will NEVER feel like you have balance in your life.
>>So, of course, you don’t think you have a choice!<<

And so here’s the MAGIC KEY
>>Wait…is this me ~ actually saying “you need to find balance in your life”? Damnit! But trust me ~ it’s not what you think! Keep reading…<<

Become aware of your VALUES so you can align with them being true to YOU and feeling confident to take action so boundaries can naturally form.  And balance is no longer something sought after.  It just magically prevails.
>>See ~ I told you it’s not really about balance.<<

For example, take the scenario above…
>>This is where the story gets good and where you LEARN SOMETHING of ultra importance.<<

Over-committing – create the non-negotiables for yourself (CORE VALUES) and be ok with saying NO to areas that are not in the HIGHEST level of alignment with your Truth.
>>trust me…your friend has created the non-negotiable with yoga and her reading time, regardless of dishes and laundry.<<

Procrastinating – Identify the tasks that you tend to avoid and see if you can shift your mindset from a “Have to do it” to a “Want to do it”.  Oftentimes, procrastinators VALUE their well-being and taking time for themselves move than accomplishments.  Understanding this is YUGE! (not fake news)
>>trust me…procrastination fades away when you enjoy doing the task; hence no anxiety; hence a sense of balance.<<

Not asking for or refusing help – Lots of VALUES work here…perhaps you like to be in control and prefer your method.  Perhaps you are proud and don’t ever ask for help.  Or perhaps your introvertedness (new word) wouldn’t know how to ask if it wanted to.
>>trust me…the inner conflict comes from not having awareness about why you are the way you are.  Trust YOU and know that it’s ALL GOOD, especially when you know what you didn’t know. And that’s balance.<<

So, you see how VALUES play such an important role in EVERYTHING you do and don’t do.

And while this scenarios was basically a personal one ~ the SAME situations are occurring in your business!

Have you gotten in touch with YOUR Values lately?

I have a FREE Values Assessment and debrief guide that can help you become Aware, Aligned and take Action in becoming your Truest MOST AUTHENTIC SELF so you can:

  • Get off the hamster wheel altogether
  • Stop procrastinating
  • Be confident enough to know when and how to ask for help

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