As an executive coach, the foundation of my engagements is based in Energy leadership and Values, so when I came across Karen’ s assessment, I was very intrigued by its method.  After taking the assessment myself and debrief, I was blown away at the speed, depth and accuracy of the results. The outcome is a weaving together of one’s values that tells the story of our own personal power.  I did not expect to receive this gift of re-alignment with my values. I now use the results as part of my daily mantra for aligning with my values as I greet each day. Whatever level of awareness you are at, this assessment will raise your conscious thought.

Don Knagge, 7th Evolution Coaching & Consulting, LLC

Karen has helped me in my awareness of aligning my business practice with my values and passion. As a result of Karen’s techniques, I am more purposeful in celebrating my strengths and my voice for the benefit of my clients. I now have a greater appreciation for my journey and the pursuit of my purpose. If you are looking for a catalyst to awaken the true authentic coach within you,  I recommend Karen’s tools and coaching.

Victor Biggs, Business Breakthrough Strategist, Certified Professional Coach, Pembroke Pines, FL

Karen is an Exceptional and intuitive coach! With her value center work, I am now able to make business and heart-centered decisions that are congruent with my values. Her guidance made me realize what is truly important to me in this stage of my life.  Therefore, I can prioritize more efficiently.  This work has given me so much excitement to design the business and life I envision for myself.  Karen, I am eternally grateful for you!

Socary Rodriguez